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As both a performer and educator, Nanci strives to create relevant and meaningful personal connections with a broad spectrum of audiences and communities. Through teaching, she aims to share her music and knowledge in a way that fosters sharing and and personal growth.

I'm currently available for online coachings, workshops, masterclasses, and private lessons. I work with students of all levels, and work on a sliding pricing scale based on student need. Please submit inquiries via the contact page for more details! 
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An experienced private instructor, Nanci aims to use her lessons as a means to both develop the unique musical and phyicals skills needed to play the bassoon, as well as various strengths that will carry over into other areas of a student's life. In addition to having a private bassoon studio, Nanci is on faculty at the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, MA, Molloy College in Long Island, NY, and The Special Music School at the Kaufman Music Center in New York City. In the summer months, she works on faculty at Music Academy International in the Dolomite region of Italy.

Through the Weill Music Institute's Musical Connections program, Nanci has had the opportunity to bring interactive performances to non-traditional venues such as prisons, senior centers, hospitals, and special care facilities. For her, some of these community performances have made up some of the most touching and personally inspiring moments in her career.

As a fellow of Ensemble Connect (formerly ACJW) and later as an alumni teaching artist, Nanci worked in music classrooms at various New York City public schools. As a part of these residencies, she collaborated with the classroom music instructor in several capacities: providing sectionals, coachings, and individual lessons with all of the band students, as well as performance based lessons and creative projects with the general music classes. 

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